Loving people before you approve

posted on March 8, 2011 under  Blog

I’ll spare you a second straight post on love tomorrow, but let’s start preparing for the Love Wins study with some simple discussion!

Everyone wants to be approved (loved). Some people just want a few people to appreciate them, and some believe the world should appreciate them. Instead of loving their enemies, they expect everyone (including their enemies) to love them. We all receive love in different ways, but I haven’t met a person yet that can live a life void of love. Some sure are good at faking it though!

Digital Disciples need to be loved, don’t we? But the question I have to ask myself is, as a Digital Disciple living part of my life online, how do I love people as myself like Christ requires us to do in Matthew 22:39? Am I expecting people to love me before loving them? How exactly do we show each other love online? That sure seems like a strange, but difficult question!

Could I hop over to your blog or one of your social networking accounts and tell you that I love you without that seeming flat out odd? I don’t believe that would be necessary, thanks to 1 John 3:18 for clearing that up for us. Do I need to approve of every one of your blog posts or status updates before responding? I’m thankful for the privilege of getting to know each of you in a deeper way through stuff like this. Can love really win online? I think so! Let’s keep it simple and share a way or two that we’ve felt loved online by our peers? Or maybe a way that we’ve felt the opposite / rejected?

Why label Rob Bell?

posted on March 7, 2011 under  Blog

Love wins. That’s the point Rob Bell will be trying to make in a few weeks when his latest book hits shelves. After hearing what he’s said in the video trailer below, some (most notoriously in a tweet by John Piper) have rushed to judgment and already gave him two thumbs down. He’s been labeled a universalist. As Christ-followers do we really have to choose to follow Bell or Piper?

We’ll chat more later about Ghandi (who Rob quotes in the video below) and his famous quote. He asks really good questions in the video, and hopefully he provides as many good answers in the book. What we (at least I) won’t do here is rush to judgment before hearing / reading Bell out. Hollywood should hire Rob to make trailers for their movies, that’s one thing I know I’m certain of. Tell me you don’t want to read the book after watching the video below?

Before the book comes out I’d like to take a few days here (while mixing in some Digital Disciples profiles) and talk about love. On March 14th, the night before the book does come out, come hang out with the rest of us and watch him taking questions on Livestream. Once the book comes out, I’d like for a group of us to share in a weekly read-along, starting the first week of April (sharing our blog posts or comments). If you’re up for that, please pre-order the pbysical book or Kindle version (releases 3/15, already at #13 ranking) and let me know in a comment below. I’d definitely be interested in hearing your thoughts around this / the video too!

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Pausing to hear from God

posted on March 6, 2011 under  Blog

We’d love to still have Digital Disciples apply and share what God’s doing through them here on the blog, but I’ve really been struggling with whether or not God wants that to be “the only thing” that happens here every day. I’ve enjoyed hearing from people as much as you have, but I’ve also missed the opportunity of growing closer to God together……something that I believe is a challenge for creatives / techies like myself (and maybe you or those you’ve seen listed here).

I think we have a great thing going by connecting with new people, and it’s my prayer that more continue to come. But it’s not about numbers, it’s about God just being able to speak into lives through those that enjoy what you might enjoy or might live near you. But where are we all headed? Is this just a blog, or is God really up to something here? I think this is just the beginning of a movement. I sense that God is up to something, but I sense that He wants to speak to us here. I believe He’ll speak to people for the first time here.

Today’s the first day we’re not highlighting “one of us” since we launched our new site on 1/1/10. Nothing’s wrong with standing on our soapbox when God wants us to be in the light, but it’s time to dig deeper. This is as much about what God is doing in you as it is what He is doing in me. What are your thoughts about us occasionally asking deeper questions or cracking open God’s Word here on Digital Disciples? Do you have some topics that you’d like us to discuss here…..some that might lead to more Studies for our local gatherings to use as they start meeting up?

Renee Johnson

posted on March 5, 2011 under  Daily Digital Disciple USA - California Writer

Location: San Diego, CA
Facebook: www.facebook.com/devotionaldiva
Twitter: @devotionaldiva
Website: www.devotionaldiva.com

Who are you?
Renee Johnson is a spirited speaker and writer to twenty-somethings. She graduated from Biola University and worked with the top nationally known Christian speakers and writers at Outreach Events. Her first book, “Faithbook of Jesus” released Spring of 2010 and won the support of over 30+ endorsers in the Christian community including Josh McDowell, Miles McPherson, Eric Bryant, Shawn Wood, and Anne Jackson. Renee now books events for the 20/30-somethings with Throw Mountains. To find out more information about how you can reach the 20-somethings in your area please go to www.throwmountains.com. She is a weekly blogger at the New Living Translation blog on Wednesdays.

Renee’s mission in life is to “spur others forward” (Hebrews 10:24), using the lessons learned from her own trials to encourage others in their walk with God. Renee has a non-profit ministry that helps launch other speakers, pastor’s, and faith-based ministries. To read more about Renee and her ministry please click here.

What makes you a Digital Disciple?
My agent and publisher discovered me online two years ago!

What website or technology has impacted you most?

How has your faith grown or been tested through technology?
My entire ministry has birthed through technology and still continues to be fueled by the contacts I meet via online! Incredible.

Raymond Baldonado

posted on March 4, 2011 under  Daily Digital Disciple Pastor PHILIPPINES - Cavite

Location: Cavite, Philippines

Who are you?
A grace dependent kerux (preacher), who counts everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus.

What makes you a Digital Disciple?
I am not a pro, not even an expert in I.T., but a mere I.T. enthusiast who sees technology as an element which can breed convenience and corruption. I acknowledge its place in today’s “netcentric” culture and its notoriety in bombarding information both beneficial and harmful. Technology has somehow solved geographical limitations, making almost anything a click away. Often times those clicks lead to dangerous contents. Considering all these, I find it worth my while to use my keyboard to join the battle of informing, and to reach people for Christ by God’s grace.

What website or technology has impacted you most?
World Wide Web

How has your faith grown or been tested through technology?
I’ve got my hands through a lot of materials helpful in ministering using the web.

Without internet i could not possibly think of a way of finding volumes of puritan (considering my location) and apologetics materials. And o yes – Switchfoot, Relient K and Passion.


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