Jay Caruso

posted on January 27, 2011 under  Daily Digital Disciple Photographer USA - Florida

Location: Palm Coast, FL
Facebook: www.facebook.com/CarusoPhotography
Twitter: @jaycaruso
Website: www.carusophotography.com

Who are you?
I’m a Christ follower as well as a husband and father. I recently left my job of 13 years to strike out on my own as an IT consultant and photographer. I play the drums for our church worship team. I’m also a huge NY Yankees fan.

What makes you a Digital Disciple?
I believe the Internet and the tools to utilize it have done amazing things over the last 4-5 years. A perfect example was Jon Acuff raising $30,000 in a mere 18 hours on his blog to build a kindergarten class in Vietnam.

I want to be able to empower others to utilize these technologies – including blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media – to help spread the Gospel.

What website or technology has impacted you most?
I would have to say that it would be Twitter, particularly over the last 2 years. I have connected with some amazing people via this technology. I have forged relationships through this technology that have evolved into real life friendships.

How has your faith grown or been tested through technology?
The hardest part for me is staying grounded in my faith with such easy access to technology. I have to at times, shut all of that off and just spend time alone with God and His word. No matter how wonderful the technology, it means nothing unless my relationship with Christ continues to grow.

Matt McKee

posted on January 26, 2011 under  Daily Digital Disciple Mobile USA - Georgia

Location: Atlanta, GA
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mckeelive
Twitter: @mattmckee
Website: http://R04R.com

Who are you?
I’m a speaker, writer, strategist and entrepreneur. Formerly a Next Generation Pastor for 10 years I now lead a company, www.R04R.com, focused on mobile apps and social media for churches and non-profits. I also help Orange (www.whatisorange.org) with Social Media (www.OrangeLeaders.com), and a Leadership Curriculum called YouLead. I reside in Atlanta with my wife Jessica and our 2 boys, Patriot and Azlan.

What makes you a Digital Disciple?
The first question that comes to mind when I see new technology is, “How can that be leveraged for the Gospel?”  This question often wakes me up at night.

What website or technology has impacted you most?
The technology that I use the most that I didn’t 4 years ago is my iPhone. Hands down, it has changed how I communicate, connect, and digest information.

How has your faith grown or been tested through technology?
Teaching others how to be strategic, intentional, and purposeful on their use of technology and how to leverage it for the Gospel has made me come face to face with my priorities online and offline.  It is easy to become immersed and overwhelmed with technology to the point of letting your faith take a back seat.  This adjustment is continually and always on my mind.

Erik Cantu

posted on January 25, 2011 under  Daily Digital Disciple Media USA - Ohio

Location: Sunbury, OH
Facebook: www.facebook.com/erikcantu
Twitter: @erikcantu
Website: www.erikcantu.com

Who are you?
I am a video producer for TVU Music Television and own Animal Basement Creative Video. I create most of the spots, graphics, and production assets for the TVU network, a music video network focused on outreach to males aged 14-24.

What makes you a Digital Disciple?
I use my tools of video camera and computer to spread the Truth of God to people who have no idea they are being feed lies. We keep our message basic so people with no knowledge of Christianity (or especially the lies of Christianity) can know the Truth: God love you, He wants to make your life better, Jesus is his son who died for you.

What website or technology has impacted you most?
My desktop computer, currently a MacPro. It’s where I do all my work. I spend 8 hours a day in front of it making the videos for my job.

How has your faith grown or been tested through technology?
Grown. I love my Bible iOS app, Olive Tree Bible. It has allowed me to have so many moments to get in the word in downtime and continue my reading or look up a particular verse quickly.

Kevin Hendricks

posted on January 24, 2011 under  Blogger Daily Digital Disciple USA - Minnesota

Location: St. Paul, MN
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kevinhendricks
Twitter: @kevinhendricks
Website: www.kevindhendricks.com

Who are you?
I’m a writer and editor, lately working for Church Marketing Sucks and HalogenTV. I’m a dad. A husband. A Christian. An Internet junkie. I’m just another guy, stumbling along and relying on lots of grace and mercy.

What makes you a Digital Disciple?
I’ve been blogging since 1998 and living out part of my life online in one form or another (blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc.). That includes my faith, as it can’t help but ooze out into those areas in some small way.

What website or technology has impacted you most?
I think just the way the Internet has enabled us to connect to people has made a huge impact. I couldn’t do my work without the Internet and I wouldn’t know half the people I know without the technology to connect online and establish a relationship that’s grown into something more.

How has your faith grown or been tested through technology?
I’m a pretty introverted person and I think technology has given me more opportunities to have deeper conversations. Those conversations aren’t always easy and I think (I hope) I’ve learned the kind of grace and forgiveness that are needed when you try to have an exchange with people who disagree with you.

Brian Barela

posted on January 23, 2011 under  Daily Digital Disciple Media USA - Indiana

Location: Indianapolis, IN
Facebook: www.facebook.com/brian.barela
Twitter: @brianbarela
Website: www.brianbarela.com

Who are you?
A follower of Jesus, husband and father most importantly.

Currently I serve as the Director of New Media at Campus Crusade for Christ.

I’m passionate about starting and pioneering ministries that expand God’s Kingdom. God has been gracious to place me in a variety of ministry contexts where that passion can flourish. I love cycling, reading, and coffee.

What makes you a Digital Disciple?
For the last three years I have hosted an online conference for college ministers, which last year saw ministry leaders from over 40 countries participate.

I believe young leaders need to connect and learn from seasoned leaders that have the same skills/passions/giftings. The internet has removed the geographic barriers and made it easy to find like-minded mentors.

I’ve also seen how ministry leaders can be freed up to invest more time on their passions/giftings by leveraging the internet/new media as a communication/organization tool. www.rethinkblog.co

What website or technology has impacted you most?
Wikipedia — I love Clay Shirky’s book, Cognitive Surplus. It captures so many reasons why I love using new media.

How has your faith grown or been tested through technology?
I’ve encountered significant resistance in seeking to integrate new media into existing strategies, which has refined my faith and revealed that truly God is the one who changes hearts.

My faith has grown as i have watched multiply my online efforts in ways i couldn’t have imagined!

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