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posted on February 16, 2011 under  Blogger Daily Digital Disciple USA - Florida

Location: Tallahassee, FL
Twitter: @DataGenesis

Who are you?
Christian technologist. Passionate to develop, apply and leverage technology in spiritual warfare.

What makes you a Digital Disciple?
I spend a minimum of 8 hours a day hanging out on Twitter harvesting encouragement, humor, and useful content. I don’t use ‘bots’ to harvest friends or content. I simply compile the tweets and blogs that spoke to my heart and feature them on my own daily blog to share how others have blessed me throughout the day.

What website or technology has impacted you most?
I have developed a Facebook application that makes it possible to promote my daily blog beyond “Friends and Fans”. I ask users to opt in to the app to give me permission to post a daily short promo with a link to my blog to their Facebook wall – thus exposing the message to THEIR Facebook friends. With less than a dozen opt ins my daily promo now reaches a potential audience of over 5000. Now that’s LEVERAGE!

How do you express your faith through technology?
For months I tried to market my “killer app”. I slaved to produce videos that proclaimed how my Facebook app was a no-brainer to catapult your ministry into orbit. I pounded it on Twitter. It was a disaster. On Dec 24, 2010 I turned my failure over to God and asked Him to bless it in spite of my selfishness. At the same time I committed to sharing blessings with others expecting nothing in return.

3 Responses to “Mark Prasek”

  1. Jeana says:

    That’s a lot of time on Twitter. Is this curation time?

  2. Gabe Taviano says:

    Interesting to hear your take on the Facebook app. Has the app turned out as you expected? Curious about the 8 hours spent on Twitter per day?

    • Mark Prasek says:

      The facebook app has exceeded my expectations in many ways. Being a new idea, we’re in uncharted waters. Through some trial and error, I have discovered that much of comventional wisdom may be incorrect. I tried adding a graphic to the post – as suggested by several experts. The results were disasterous. Subscribers fell off a cliff. I suppose that the graphic made it look “corporate” whereas the text seemed more “personal”. I suspect that many (if not most) users blocked the application at that point (as I do with such apps as Farmville and Mafia Wars). Nonetheless, I learned a valuable lesson for others to benefit from – NO MORE GRAPHICS!

      At the time of submission, I was indeed spending a great deal of time on Twitter. Since that time, demands of my day job have increased, so I’m taking something of a sabbatical and will come up for air as soon as the project I’m working on is completed.

      Since the time of submission, I have embarked on a new journey that has drastically changed the way I view Twitter. Rather than repeat if here – just read my Twitter bio. I recommend this approach for all Christian Tweeters. Full Armor!

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