Antoine RJ Wright

posted on January 1, 2011 under  Daily Digital Disciple Mobile USA - North Carolina

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Who are you?
I am a mobile evangelist, but in the respect of teaching and understanding the implications of the technology as it relates to our faith in Christ. I travel a good bit and enjoy a good meal and getting on my bicycle for a good spell. Beyond that, I experiment with mobile tech in all sorts of ways.

What makes you a Digital Disciple?
A disciple is a person set on learning and following someone else, I regard myself as one because of how I’m focused on following Christ, but not leaving the lesson with me. Each one teach one, and always pay it forward.

What website or technology has impacted you most?
The Palm Treo and the Nokia Mobile Server

How do you express your faith through technology?
Tech is a window to how I live. Its a tool that enables me to relate to others and see their world through their voice. In that, its not that the tech expresses the faith but points to how its being lived out.

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  3. @Gabe: Thanks for the invitation to be a Daily Digital Disciple – its one part humbling and another part a kick in the pants. I’m looking forward to more with DD and MMM in 2011, and hopefully more chances to connect with you and other DDs.

    @Marla: would you believe that I first heard that statement back in 1994 at my very first job as a peer mentor. If we can manage to learn how to improve our lives, then we are indebted to teach at least one other person so that they too can improve – and then communities change for the better. Its my challenge with MMM and everything else in my life.

  4. I love “each one teach one.” Pray that will help me do just that online this year. Thanks for sharing, Antoine.

  5. Gabe Taviano says:

    Looking forward to what God has in store in 2011 for both Mobile Ministry Magazine and Digital Disciples. Glad God allowed us to connect at BibleTech two years ago. Mobile is where everything is headed – it’s great that God guided you to start your ministry before everyone realized that.

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